Storage & Packing Tips

At Self Storage of Branford, we want to help you any way possible. Below are some moving, packing, and storage tips we thought might be helpful.


Some woods can be sensitive to moisture consider waxing wood furniture before storing. Disassemble bed frames and tie them together. Use zip- lock bags to store screws and bolt and tape them to the items that they belong to. If you stack furniture items, place pads, blankets, or towels between them to prevent scratching. Stand mattresses on end, as well as sofas with pallets or cardboard under them. It is a good idea to wrap mattresses in mattress bags or cover them with paper or cloth. Stand mattress on something to allow airflow and to prevent moisture from getting to them. Walls may develop condensation, therefore it is not advised to lean items against the walls.

Pictures & Mirrors

  • Wrap pictures that are small and stand them on end in boxes.
  • For larger ones, buy special picture moving boxes.
  • Consider using foam or bubble wrap.

Electronic Equipment

  • It is a good idea to use the original boxes.
  • If you don’t have them, pack items carefully and use cushion material.
  • Bubble wrap, cushion foam, and even wadded up newspaper will help.
  • Pack items separately.
  • Tie down tone arms for record players.
  • Stack record albums on end to prevent warping and use small boxes to hold down the weight.
  • Consider the temperature as heat can warp CD’s and record albums.

Crystal, China, and Fine glassware

  • Consider buying boxes designed for this with dividers.
  • Wrap each item with paper or foam.
  • Label boxes with glass items and stack these on top.
  • Add packing material to both the bottom and the top of the moving boxes.

Clothing, Curtains, Drapes

It is a good idea to store drapes and clothing hanging on non-rusting hangers. You can buy moving boxes designed for this. They are called wardrobe boxes. You can use drawers to store some items and to conserve space. If storing wool items, use cedar chips and or mothballs to prevent moth damage.

Kitchen & Laundry

You can put several small appliances in a box. Be sure to put packing material between them. Label all moving boxes. It is a good idea to label moving box indicating what room it goes in and the items it contains. You can stack pots and pans with padding in between. Bowls can be packed in a similar fashion. One idea for your drawer-type stuff is to use plastic bags and pack these bags in a moving box. Always consider the weight of what you are putting in moving boxes. It is better to use 2 smaller moving boxes than one heavy one.


Tape doors shut while moving. Wedge doors open in self storage to prevent mildew. You can use this valuable storage space for items such as blankets and towels. Use up partial bottles and boxes of laundry/cleaning products and food goods before moving. You can place laundry items in the washer and dryer. Be sure moving boxes are taped shut and bottles will not leak. You can always use plastic bags to insure against leaking.

Natural Threats

  • Freezing can be a problem.
  • Do not store items that might break if frozen in non-temperature controlled storage areas.


It might be a good idea to put a few drops of oil on items that might rust. Insure that these items don’t come in contact with other items.

Books and other valuables

  • Pack books together in small moving boxes.
  • Big moving boxes of books can weigh too much.
  • Store your valuable papers in plastic bags.
  • Consider putting moving boxes on pallets or something to keep them off the floor.

Helpful Tips for Moving

Plan your move early, if possible. Notify your postal service. Change banks, if necessary. Put in change of addresses to all subscriptions and other mailings. Make sure you have a reservation for the equipment you need for the move: trucks, dollies, and other moving items. Have plenty of rope, tape and moving boxes on hand for packing and tying down.